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      Our History

      Our History


      Westlake Chemical was founded in 1986 by T. T. Chao, a pioneer in the global petrochemical industry, with the acquisition of a polyethylene plant in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Building on three decades of prior experience in Asia, the company embarked on a mission of consistent growth through further acquisition, expansion of existing facilities and new construction. Following are some of the highlights of this exciting journey.?



      • Acquired Nakan, a global compounding solutions business


      • Westlake listed as a "Fortune 500" company
      • Announce expansions in chlor-alkali, PVC and VCM capacities at facilities in Germany and Louisiana


      • Completed 250 million pound ethylene expansion in Lake Charles, Louisiana
      • Completed 100 million pound ethylene expansion in Calvert City, Kentucky


      • Westlake Chemical celebrates its 30th anniversary worldwide
      • Westlake Chemical acquires Axiall Corporation


      • Acquired additional interest in Suzhou Huasu Plastics Company
      • Westlake named a "Forbes Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America"


      • Dedicates Geismar, LA Cholar-Alkali Plant
      • Establishes Westlake Chemical Partners
      • Acquired Vinnolit Holdings GmbH
      • Announces Lake Charles Petro 1 Ethylene Expansion
      • Completes Calvert City Expansions


      • Acquired CertainTeed's PVC Pipe, Fittings & Foundations business
      • Started-up Geismar, LA Chlor-Alkali Plant


      • Acquired 50% ownership of Cypress Pipeline
      • Commenced construction of a new chlor-alkali plant in Geismar, LA