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      News & Events

      News & Events

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      Recent News

      Date Title
      07/10/2019 Westlake Chemical Announces Pricing of Offering of Senior Notes
      07/10/2019 Westlake Chemical Announces Proposed Offering of Senior Notes
      07/01/2019 Westlake Announces Guidance for Second Quarter and Full-Year 2019 Financial Results
      05/17/2019 Westlake Chemical Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividend
      05/02/2019 Westlake Chemical Partners LP Announces First Quarter 2019 Results

      News Archive

      Recent and Upcoming Events

      Date Title
      06/27/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at BMO 2019 Chemicals & Packaging Conference
      06/18/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at Westlake Chemical Corp. at Vertical Research Partners Basic Materials Conference
      06/05/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at Deutsche Bank 10th Annual Global Industrials & Materials Summit
      05/29/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at KeyBanc 2019 Industrials & Basic Materials Conference
      05/29/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at Bernstein 35th Annual Strategic Decisions Conference
      05/15/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at Goldman Sachs Industrials & Materials Conference 2019
      05/14/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at Tudor Pickering & Holt Hotter 'N Hell Conference
      05/07/2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. at Fermium’s 14th Annual Chemicals Conference
      05/02/2019 Q1 2019 Westlake Chemical Corp. Earnings Conference Call