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      Corporate Governance

      Corporate Governance

      ChairpersonChairperson Committee MemberMember Financial ExpertFinancial Expert


      ? ? Audit Nominating & Governance Compensation Corporate Risk
      James?Chao ? ? ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      Albert?Chao ? ? ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      David T. Chao ? ? ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      John Chao ? ? ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      Michael J.?Graff Financial Expert Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Chairperson
      Marius A. Haas ? ? ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      Dorothy?C. Jenkins ? ? ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      Max?L. Lukens Financial Expert ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      Mark McCollum Financial Expert ?Chairperson ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Committee Member
      R. Bruce?Northcutt Financial Expert ?Committee Member ?Committee Member ?Chairperson ?Committee Member
      Jeffrey W. Sheets Financial Expert ?Committee Member ?Chairperson ?Committee Member ?Committee Member


      Committee Charters
      Nominating and Governance
      Corporate Risk


      Governance Documents
      Principles of Corporate Governance
      Code of Ethics for the Principal Executive, Financial, & Accounting Officer
      Code of Conduct
      Internal Reporting Policy