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      Crisis Management Information

      Crisis Management Information

      In any crisis situation, Westlake Chemical has two objectives:

      1. Safety - Our employees and their families, our communities and the environment.
      2. Maintain the reliable supply of our products to our customers.

      To achieve these objectives Westlake Chemical has established crisis management procedures and communications systems. Click here to read Westlake Chemical's Hurricane Preparedness Plan.

      In the event of a site emergency, employees can contact Westlake or obtain information by using any one of the following services:

      1. Employee Hotline - 866-4WLKWLK (866-495-5955)
      2. This Internet site

      Customers, Suppliers and Communities are requested to use their regular Westlake business Contact Numbers or contact the Westlake Corporate Office at (713)960-9111.